Omega-3s support health

We know the fish oil supplements in the market support our cardiovascular, or joint system. But do you know the detail information about the Omega-3s?

omega-3sThere are several types of the Omega-3s, commonly the EPA (eicosapetaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are two contents in the fish oil supplements.

For example, here is the detail content in the GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil:

Total Fish Oils 1373.00 mg **
Total Omega-3s 1065.00 mg **
Total EPA + DHA 1000.00 mg **
EPA (Eicosapentiaenoic Acid)(Omega-3) 734.00 mg **
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)(omega-3) 267.00 mg **
Other Omega-3s 65.00 mg **

The amount of the EPA (734 mg) and DHA (267 mg) are the efficacy content within the fish oil (1373 mg).

You may notice that there are small amount of Other Omega-3s 65 mg in each of the fish oil pills.

There are some uncommon types of Omega-3 in the fish oil or other supplements.

DPA (Docosapentaenoic acid) – is a straight chain open chain type of polyunsaturated fatty acid. It has similar structure as EPA, and is also a common ingredient that found in fish oil, such as salmon, menhaden, beef, seal meat and the breast milk from nursing women. DPA is extra content in formula powder for infant in the market along with DHA.

There are not so much studies for DPA as EPA and DHA did. In one study in 2013, the DPA used for men and it was associated with a lower rate of developing prostate cancer.

ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) is an omega-3 essential fatty aicd, and commonly found in the plant seeds, flaxseed. It can be manufacture in the body, and people have to gain it from our diet. It is interesting content, as it is able to convert small amounts – about 2 to 5% of ALA to DHA, and 5 to 10% of it to EPA. And a higher conversion rate found in vegetarians and young women.

The Omega-3s contents mentioned above are essential for our health, they’ve to be supplied from our dietary. And fish oil, flaxseed, some meat will be the suitable source for people, if you’re a vegetarian, you may need to replace fish oil with Algal oil instead.